Getting your tracks played in the biggest venues in the world starts with a great track, however, getting the proper loudness, dynamics and clarity in your track in order to be able to play them has to do with something else then creativity…

Mastering is the key to getting your tracks around these days but Delicious Records offers you a professional solution, we can make your track radio and club proof with our very own mastering service!

There are 5 main problems when it comes to mastering:
– Equipment
– Knowledge
– Loudness
– Dynamics
– Clarity

Our mastering service is done by a professional mastering engineer in a professional studio. Listen to our examples: NO cure NO pay and NO strings attached!

Please provide us a ‘’master ready’’ track, this means:
– -6db
– At least16Bit/44,1KHz WAV
– A proper name for your project (Artist – Trackname (Mix) )
– NO plugins (Limiters, Compressors whatsoever on your master bus)

We offer this exclusive mastering service for a fee of €40,- of course we will make sure both you and us are satisfied with the result!

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