Gabriël Levato


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    Amsterdam. The Netherlands
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    Electro House · House · Progressive House



About Gabriel Levato

To think outside the box can be a virtue, but to Yoeri Leeflang, it’s much more than that. It’s a lifestyle, and the one thing that drives him to do what he loves most: produce house music.

The upcoming talent, hailing from the Dutch city of Amstelveen, has ever known the tactics of pleasing the crowd through exciting melodies and harmonics. It’s no surprise that this youngster now found a safe spot in the Academy of Electronic Music’s 7 finalists. Under his moniker of Gabriël Levato, it’s time for his music to surprise, indulge and take over.

Combining multiple genres with emotion and energy, Levato soon discovered a way of bringing his productions to life – by dj’ing. After several gigs in Dutch clubs, he knew for sure: this is exactly what he wants. And who knows, it might just work!